Big Bet Riding


The floorman shook his head and walked away from the table. He didn’t bother me again that evening. After all, how could I be a counter? I left my big bet riding and didn’t alter it. I asked for a drink. I asked his advice and didn’t take what he considered correct advice. And I told him I had a hunch.
This isn’t the way card counters operate. Many card counters are stubborn individuals who don’t roll with the punches. Such a counter would have reduced his bet, considered the floorman as an enemy, and immediately not have taken insurance without consulting the floorman. And in that situation he might have been summarily barred from the casino as a card counter.

• Make the wrong plays at times if the floorman or pit boss is watching your play. I do this often, especially when I have a minimum bet out and the deck is unfavorable. Some of my plays are so dumb and crazy that they’d confound me if I was watching a stranger make the same moves.
A floorman had been watching me closely for about fifteen minutes when the deck got very unfavorable. I split 6s against the dealer’s 10 and managed to break even; then on the next hand I stood on a soft 16 against the dealer’s 5, mumbling that I figured he’d break first. After these two plays the floorman left me alone.

Other times I’ve split 5s instead of doubling down, stood on soft 17s (a real amateur move), and doubled down on a hard 9 against dealer’s 10. In short, I’ve done ridiculous things to impress a floorman with my stupidity, just to be left alone. After I make these moves, floormen think I’m just an idiot having a good run of luck.

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