Myths demystifying slot machine


If you are avid slots player at, you have probably heard these myths about slot machines. A comprehensive analysis and study shows that these myths are based solely on speculation and have no scientific or mathematical basis. These myths should be taken with a grain of salt.

Many of these myths focus on the placement of slot machines on the casino floor and where loose slot machines can be located. According to these myths, loose slot machines can be found in aisles, near the cashier or through the entrance or exit of the casino, or in places where there are a lot of people. There is no truth to this claim, otherwise they will be the only machines to play. Casino owners are wise enough to beat this myth by mixing up all the slot machines in a casino.

It is also not true that a slot machine can grow “hot” or “cold”. The computer of the slot machine produces random numbers that decide your luck if winning, so the odds are equal with each spin.

Can you determine your chance of winning in slots? Some think they can just counting the reels and the number of symbols on each reel. But that’s impossible because there are literally millions of combinations in a typical slot machine. It is the generator of the random number of the computer that determines the luck, not any person or even the casino. In the same way, the casino can not tighten or detach a slot machine. In order to manipulate the payout rate of the machine, the casino must open the slot machine and physically change and replace the chips, which is not allowed in places with strict rules on the game.

Another myth is that you have a better chance of winning when you pull the lever instead of pressing the button, or vice versa. It does not seem reasonable at all since it does not matter which method you choose and the slot machine will work the same one or the other way. Slot machines have no preference for which method you choose when starting a new slot game.

How about slot cards? By using slot cards, the casino will give you “comps” or compliments that can be redeemed for meals, event tickets, among others. Slot cards have no effect on disbursement percentages. It does not matter if you use coins or slit cards, but will it? of ?? you’re getting more benefits by using the latter.

A wise slots player will never believe in these myths but there is no harm in examining the truth of these myths. What is harmful to your slots game is that if you rely entirely on these myths to increase your chances of winning slots. Once you start to ignore proven and tested strategies to improve your slots play in favor of defective belief, then you have the victim fallen to these myths.

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