No Game For A Lazy Gambler

Lazy Gambler

No Game For A Lazy Gambler

Gambling is great and all, but it’s really something that takes a lot of concentration. Without sounding too negative, casinos get a lot of joy from lazy and stupid players. It’s the smart ones, like you, that keep them on their toes.

I want to tell you a quick story about a lazy gambler who lost $1,000 in less than three seconds.

The event took place at a Craps table. The lazy gambler in question walked up to the Craps table and watched for all of five seconds. Rather than getting some chips and getting involved with the game, he decided that he had better things to do-like walk out of the casino $1,000 lighter.

So the guy grabs his $1,000 out of his pocket and throws it down on the Field. Why The Field is a sucker’s one-roll wager and it only pays even money unless a two or twelve is rolled. Makes no sense.

Three seconds later the shooter lets the dice fly from his hands. Clunk, clunk, clunk the dice rattled around. The first die landed squarely on the four. The other die spun for a few seconds. It must have seemed like an eternity. You just knew what was coming. Sure enough, the second die finally sat squarely on the table-a three.

“Seven out, line away,” the Craps dealer proclaimed. And just like that, the $1,000 was happily swept off the field and stuffed into the money slot. Dejected, the man slumped over and walked away. Too bad, he probably could have gotten a free drink or buffet for that kind of loss.

What’s the point here Thinking, that’s the point. Why would you take all of your gambling money for the day, week, whatever and casually throw it down on a one-roll sucker’s bet that doesn’t pay much

He could have put the $1,000 on the Pass Line the next come out and had a much better chance of winning and it’s potentially multiple rolls instead of just one.

Stupid moves like this are what will separate you from your money in the blink of the eye. It’s a battlefield out there. Guard your money and be smart about it. It might take a lot of effort to build up a bankroll, but one boneheaded move can wipe it all out in a New York minute.

Don’t be foolish. Learn the game and don’t get greedy.

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